Agilent Technologies launches dual-channel PXI vector signal analyzer

Telecom Lead America: Agilent Technologies has launched Agilent Technologies.

Agilent’s dual-channel PXI vector signal analyzer is
available in a single-channel configuration for $66,235 and a dual-channel
configuration for $132,470; chassis, controller, and 89600 VSA software are

Agilent said existing M9392A customers can upgrade their
hardware and software to enable multichannel control.

A new configuration of Agilent’s M9392A analyzer, the new
product enables R&D and test engineers to detect and identify sources of RF

The solution is suitable for troubleshooting wireless
devices in either the lab or real-world environments.

Agilent Technologies said the dual-channel PXI vector
signal analyzer offers a combination of bandwidth, multichannel support, and
gapless recording, with 250 MHz of analysis bandwidth, 26.5-GHz frequency
coverage on two channels, and streaming up to 100 MHz bandwidth.

Moreover, both channels can be housed in an 18-slot, 4U
PXIe chassis to provide excellent speed and scalability in a small form factor.

Telecom engineers can use the dual-channel PXI vector
signal analyzer to perform continuous data capture, either directly to an
embedded or external controller for data capture of a few seconds, or to a RAID
for data capture lasting from several minutes to more than six hours, depending
on the storage capacity of the RAID and the desired measurement bandwidth.

As modern radios often operate in urban areas in a
complex RF environment with many sources of interference, Agilent’s new
wideband, two-channel solution with 100-MHz continuous data capture provides
designers with unique capabilities for environment recording applications,”
said Mark Pierpoint, VP and general manager of Agilent’s Software and Modular
Solutions Division.

This solution can also be used in combination with
Agilent Command Expert, a free software application that provides fast and easy
instrument control in many PC environments. It combines instrument command
sets, documentation, syntax checking and command execution in a single

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