Ajay Ranjan Mishra of Nokia Siemens to chair ITU-T focus group on bridging the gap: from innovation to standards

By Telecom
Lead Team
: Ajay Ranjan Mishra,
head of Industry Environment-India & Emerging Markets, Nokia Siemens
Networks, has been selected as chairman of ITU Focus Group – from innovation to

The telecom
standardization advisory group, ITU-T (TSAG) recently decided to form a new
Focus Group called Bridging the gap: from
innovations to standards.

This group
will focus on innovations happening in developing countries / regions such as
India, Africa, Latin America etc and figure out what could be standardized. This
activity is expected to bridge the digital divide. The group would help in
reducing gap between communication services providers and standardization.

Apart from
that the group hopes to see a lot many innovations that happening at one place
being utilized at other places in the world – in true sense – globalization of

This focus
group provides an initial platform for recognition and identification of
innovations emerging in developing countries that may benefit from
standardization. The main objective is to support the activities of ITU-T Study
groups to further support innovation and close the digital divide.

cooperation with ITU-D, document case studies of successful examples of ICT
innovations, including those that have emerged in developing countries, and
identify relevant standardization gaps.

focus should be on the socioeconomic impact of ICT innovation that have emerged
in developing countries; analyze the innovations that may be standardized and
identify best practices which can facilitate the implementation of such
innovations in other parts of the world; and identify a few case studies which,
in particular, developing countries can adopt to enhance their ICT innovation
and standardization capabilities in order to improve their socio-economic

The group
will also identify the issues developing countries may be facing to bring their
ICT innovation to ITU-T; suggest future ITU-T study items and related actions;
examine how other Standards Development Organizations, forums and consortia
address ICT innovation, and integrate them into their standardization
activities; and promote its activity at World Telecommunication Standardization
Assembly (WTSA) meeting in November 2012.

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