Akamai launches open source mobile test agent

Telecom Lead America: Akamai Technologies, a provider of a secure platform
across the web, mobile and cloud, has introduced Mobitest as an open source
end-user testing agent designed to benchmark performance of mobile web sites.


“The mobile web is growing quickly, and with it the
importance of mobile web performance. To make the mobile web fast, we, as a web
performance community, need to work together to provide online business owners
with the right knowledge and tools they need and provide a quality experience
on any device, anywhere,” said Guy Podjarny, chief product architect,


The tool was developed by Blaze Software, a
provider of front-end optimization (FEO) technology that was acquired by Akamai
in February 2012.


Mobitest is able to measure page load times on many of
today’s most popular mobile devices. It offers detailed performance
information, ranging from total page load times to individual request headers
and timings.  


Furthermore, it is also designed to capture screenshots
during page load, and show a video visualizing the page load as it happened.


Mobitest allows organizations to better understand how
long it takes to load their mobile web page on a real device over a real mobile


The company has made the source code available through an
open source license to run testing agents on iOS, Android and Blackberry
devices, enabling users to measure on their own devices and within their
internal networks, in addition to the free community service.


The availability of Mobitest as both a free hosted
service at the company’s official website, and as an open source test
client provides the means to evaluate and deliver improved performance to a
wide variety of mobile audiences.


Recently, Akamai Technologies launched a new line of managed and licensed content delivery
network (CDN) called Aura Network Solutions.


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