Akamai shows commitment in IPv6 delivery

Telecom Lead India: Akamai Technologies, a provider of cloud platform for helping
enterprises provide secure, high-performing user experiences on any device,
anywhere, announced its participation in World IPv6 Launch beginning June

The launch is marked by the participation from major Internet
service providers (ISPs), Web companies, and home networking equipment
manufacturers around the world to permanently enable IPv6 for
their products and services.

Organized by the Internet Society, and building on the awareness of last year’s
successful World IPv6 Day, the world launch of IPv6 represents a major
milestone in the global deployment of the successor to the current
Internet Protocol, IPv4.

“The permanent deployment of IPv6 by leading companies around the world as part of
World IPv6 Launch ensures the ability to connect billions of people and devices
not yet online,” said Leslie Daigle, chief Internet technology officer for
the Internet Society. “IPv6 is imperative for the future of the Internet
and its continued evolution as a global platform for innovation, collaboration,
and economic development.”

With a rapidly growing shortage in available IPv4 addresses, World IPv6 Launch will
serve as a major Internet milestone in the transition to IPv6. Online businesses
are faced with the challenge that they must act quickly to transition to IPv6
or risk limited functionality for Internet users around the globe.

IPv6 is critical to the future of the Internet’s underlying architecture,” said
Tom Leighton, chief scientist and co-founder, Akamai.
For over a decade, Akamai has transformed the unpredictable Internet into a
robust and reliable platform for transacting e-commerce, distributing rich
media, and delivering enterprise applications.”

Akamai is committed to helping our customers with a smooth transition to IPv6 by
enabling Web sites to maintain their IPv4 origin sites while facilitating their
ability to reach both IPv4 and IPv6 audiences quickly and reliably over
thehybrid Internet,” Leighton added.

 Akamai has joined the Internet Society, and other Internet businesses, to
encourage the transition to IPv6.  Akamai’s participation includes
having IPv6-enabled website during the past year, as well as supporting
many of the largest Web companies from around the globe on Akamai’s IPv6
technology offerings.

Akamai unveils Terra Alta to enable an increasingly mobile
enterprise user base

Earlier in March Akamai announced the launch of Terra Alta, an enterprise-class
solution designed to address the evolving complexities of application
acceleration in the cloud.

Terra Alta has been designed to enable an increasingly mobile enterprise user
base.  In addition, Terra Alta helps simplify the process of developing
and deploying applications in the cloud, making it easier to optimize hundreds
or thousands of applications with greater flexibility and control.

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