Akamai Technologies set to buy CDN solution provider Verivue with 60 employees

Telecom Lead America: Akamai Technologies is set to buy Verivue in a cash transaction.

The acquisition will accelerate Akamai’s time to market in providing a comprehensive, licensed content delivery network (CDN) solution for network operators.

The strategic decision to buy Verivue will also complement Akamai’s Aura Network Solutions.

IDC says network operators are looking at ways to leverage on-net CDNs to improve the performance of their own digital cable and IPTV premium services and extend their managed multi-screen offerings.

Telecom operators can position their on-net CDNs and other network resources as optimized on-ramps that content publishers, OTT content aggregators, application developers, and set-top box vendors can use to reach a critical mass of potential viewers and provide a better end-to-end experience for their end users.1

“We believe that Verivue’s technology will complement our roadmap for creating a comprehensive operator CDN solution. Akamai has relationships with hundreds of network operators, and we offer them instant federation with our global Intelligent Platform,” said Mick Scully, vice president and general manager of Akamai’s Carrier Products Division.

Joining hands with Verivue will allow Akamai to help operators maximize content revenues and network efficiencies as the flood of media and video traffic increases.

“Together with Akamai, we believe we will be able to offer the industry’s most powerful, extensible and fully integrated Operator CDN platform,” said James Dolce, CEO of Verivue.

The combined entity will strengthen presence among operators which are looking for services to drive revenue, such as advanced cloud capabilities or by providing licensed content to users on a variety of IP-connected devices.

Founded in 2006, Verivue has approximately 60 employees.

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