Akton Telecom in Croatia selects RADWIN 2000 links for nLOS IP backhaul

Telecom Lead Europe: RADWIN, a provider of backhaul and
broadband wireless solutions, announced that Croatian service provider Akton
Telecom has selected RADWIN 2000 point-to-point radios for high-capacity,
long-range IP backhaul.


Now, RADWIN’s sub-6 GHz links aggregate and backhaul
traffic from remote points-of-presence in Akton’s network.


“RADWIN’s carrier-grade solutions are built for
cellular & IP backhaul, enabling same-day deployment and allowing operators
to dramatically reduce CAPEX and OPEX. With over 200,000 radios deployed in
more than 140 countries, RADWIN’s field-proven solutions are the product of
choice of service providers and ISPs around the globe,” said Yaron Ziv,
managing director of Europe, RADWIN.


RADWIN’s sub-6 GHz links deliver 45 Mbps net capacity
over 25 Km in extremely challenging conditions with no direct line-of-sight and
extreme weather.

Fractal Dimension, RADWIN’s certified distributer in
Croatia, was in charge of project implementation.


“We are very satisfied with the RADWIN 2000
solutions. They are highly reliable and robust, and deliver carrier-grade
performance even when operating in a forest area where there are many
obstructions to direct line-of-sight and in very low temperatures, heavy fog,
rain and wind conditions,” said Željko Beker, CEO, Akton Telecom Croatia.


Last month, RADWIN was selected by Tanzanian service provider Sasatel.


The service provider deployed a combination of RADWIN
2000 point-to-point and RADWIN 5000 point-to-multipoint links offering secured
SLA service to deliver high-speed broadband to its corporate clients.


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