Alcatel-Lucent expands mobile backhaul portfolio for LTE


Alcatel-Lucent has extended its wireless mobile backhaul capabilities to allow operators to more quickly and easily deploy high-capacity ultra-broadband coverage via LTE heterogeneous networks (hetnets).

Hetnets are a mix of macro and small cell base stations.  Operators are increasingly deploying LTE hetnet networks to address the growing demand for data access anywhere. However, because these smaller radio cells are placed on lampposts, doorways, and other areas, backhaul connectivity becomes a challenge.

Alcatel-Lucent has introduced Microwave Services Switch – Outdoor (MSS-O) to the 9500 Microwave Packet Radio (9500 MPR) family to simplify small cell deployment, giving mobile operators more options for placement as they boost backhaul link capacity.

alcatel_mpr_mss-o_b_l_The new solution with full outdoor microwave packet radio (MPR) networking unit helps save power and cost as operators deliver LTE access to customers everywhere.

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Industry analysts believe the mobile backhauls solutions from Alcatel-Lucent will help streamline the backhaul and reduce costs for the growing number of operators wanting to provide ubiquitous mobile broadband coverage to their customers.

The latest additions to Alcatel-Lucent’s 9500 MPR portfolio include The 9500 MPR Microwave Services Switch-Outdoor (MSS-O); the 9500 MPR Microwave Packet Transceiver-Sub6 (MPT-Sub6); and the 9500 MPR Microwave Packet Transceiver-Gigabit Services (MPT-GS).

In addition to these, Alcatel-Lucent  is also collaborating with other wireless backhaul product providers, to offer support for a range of small cell backhaul frequency options and address an even greater variety of small cell deployment scenario needs.

Recently Alcatel-Lucent formed partnership with Qualcomm to launch its Enterprise Small Cell device in early 2015.  The solution will enable telecom operators to extend 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity and coverage into the office for in-building customers.

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