Alcatel Lucent in pact with Arbor Networks to fight against ‘denial-of-service’ attacks


By Telecom Lead Team: Alcatel-Lucent announced its partnership with Arbor
Networks, a provider of network security and management solutions for data
centers and carrier networks, to tackle the growing threat of ‘distributed
denial-of-service’ (DDoS) attacks.


and Arbor are offering a joint solution that provides advanced DDoS protection
and security capabilities to counter this challenge. This new solution is more
effective and cost saving than the currently used way of detecting and
eliminating DDoS attacks, according to a press release.


The combined solution allows service
providers to offer denial-of-service ‘scrubbing’ as a cloud-based service from
the same platform as virtual private network (VPN) and business Internet
services, with minimal incremental investment.


“This partnership brings DDoS
mitigation capabilities to the edge of provider networks and benefits them in
multiple ways, from the cost saving benefits of reducing the volume of backhaul
traffic to the ability to scale and generate additional revenue from managed
security services,” said Michael Suby, Stratecast vice president of
research at Frost & Sullivan.


This new solution also enables
service providers to offer a cloud-based service to detect and mitigate DDoS
attacks on the networks of their enterprise customers. By integrating Arbor’s
Threat Management System (TMS) software into Alcatel-Lucent’s IP routers –
wherever they are located in a given network – attacks can be detected and
dealt with at the edge of the cloud, closer to the location of the attack.


By integrating Arbor’s TMS into our
IP service routers, we’re essentially moving the defensive perimeter further
out to the ‘edge’ of the service provider’s network – in effect stopping
criminals at the border,” said Kevin Macaluso, vice president and general manager of the IP Service Router
Product Unit at Alcatel-Lucent.


The solution also complements
Alcatel-Lucent’s recently announced solution which makes the carrier cloud
possible through the dynamic orchestration and provision of cloud services,
such as threat management, delivery of latency sensitive applications and
guaranteed Quality of Service.


“More than sixty service
providers offer some sort of clean pipe managed service built off the Arbor
platform. By embedding our Threat Management System software into the
Alcatel-Lucent 7750 Service Router, these service providers can scale their
DDoS traffic cleaning service to capitalize on accelerating enterprise demand
for cloud-based protection from DDoS attacks,” said Colin Doherty,
president of Arbor Networks.


HP and Alcatel-Lucent unveiled a jointly developed solution to assist organizations to move, store and access
information by integrating data center infrastructure technology and
communications networks.


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