Alcatel-Lucent leads mobile backhaul market in H1 2011



Alcatel-Lucent leads the mobile backhaul market, according to Infonetics


The Mobile Backhaul Equipment and Services – Biannual Worldwide and
Regional Market Share, Size, and Forecasts report says that
Alcatel-Lucent is the leading vendor in the Ethernet cell site gateway and
Ethernet mobile backhaul router market assessments for the first six months of


To build on that leadership, Alcatel-Lucent is enhancing its 7705
Services Aggregation Router (SAR) family to provide operators with a fast and
efficient way of addressing the exploding demand for mobile broadband services
such as video streams and downloads, mobile gaming, access to social networks
and more.


“Alcatel-Lucent’s leadership in the mobile backhaul market combined
with our deep understanding of networks operating in very different environments
means that we can help operators evolve their offer to enter the mobile
internet era and satisfy all their customers’ requirements,” said Philippe
Keryer, president of the Networks Group at Alcatel-Lucent.


The new power-efficient, small footprint, high-performance 7705 SAR-M
models provide operators with additional network flexibility in addressing
their requirements for mobile backhaul, business services, and strategic
industries such as Smart Grids.  

The new 7705 SAR-M models expand and enhance the existing 7705 Services
Aggregation Router (SAR) family. They support a variety of cell site access
options including nxDS1/E1, Gigabit Ethernet, microwave, OADM, GPON and xDSL.


The 7705 SAR-M xDSL module, with support for up to 8-pair bonding over
VDSL2, boosts data speeds over copper access networks and provides a clear
evolution path to even higher data throughputs with VDSL2 Vectoring


Alcatel-Lucent’s 7705 SAR product family makes the best use of
operators’ existing network access infrastructure whether microwave, copper
or fiber-based – to transport all traffic from voice through to LTE mobile
broadband data services such as high-definition video.  

Alcatel-Lucent recently announced that it has been selected by Chunghwa Telecom, a telecom operator in Taiwan, to upgrade its network to
address Taiwan’s exploding demand for high-bandwidth advanced mobile services.


Currently, Chunghwa Telecom’s transport network for mobile data is based
on the SDH standard, which was designed primarily to transmit voice calls.
Alcatel-Lucent’s Packet Transport Network solution will upgrade this by
increasing mobile bandwidth and by providing the greater bandwidth and
flexibility required for advanced mobile data services.


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