Alcatel-Lucent leverages Broadcom custom IC program for 400Gbps network processor


Broadcom Corporation announced that Alcatel-Lucent utilized
the Broadcom Premier Custom IC Program to develop and deploy the industry’s
first 400 gigabit-per-second FP3 Network Processor.


By supporting 400Gbps transmission speeds, the new FP3 processor opens new possibilities for bandwidth-intensive
services, applications and content, while cutting power consumption by up to 50


With more than 12 million custom networking ICs shipped,
the Broadcom Premier Custom IC program offers a higher level of service and
performance than traditional custom ASICs, providing superior execution and
faster time-to-market.


By leveraging the combination of Broadcom‘s
proven design methodology, vast IP library and more than 100 customized
libraries, Alcatel-Lucent achieved its aggressive performance and development
schedule requirements.


The exponential increase in design complexity in today’s
system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions combined with product differentiation and
time-to-market pressures has led OEM manufacturers to rely on Broadcom’s
Premier Custom IC Program rather than choose a custom ASIC supplier.


Broadcom’s Premier Custom IC Program offers one of the
most extensive networking, mixed signal, and high speed interface IP portfolios
available in the industry, a proven time-tested design methodology, and the
ability to create custom libraries. By combining these key elements, Broadcom
provides a more reliable path to production, thus avoiding costly multiple chip
spins and/or schedule delays.


“In today’s drive for design efficiency, be it
performance, cost, power, or schedule, OEM manufacturers require a silicon
partner that can provide all the crucial elements necessary to get their
product to market before the competition,” said Asad Khamisy, vice president of
engineering, Network Switch, Broadcom.


By leveraging our well defined and rigorous design
process, our proven ability to integrate complex analog and digital circuits,
our massive IP library and made-to-order custom libraries, we can deliver a
level of customization and performance tuning that clearly surpasses the design
services of our competitors,” said Khamisy added.


“Over the last decade we have firmly established
leadership in Network Processor design, pushing the envelope of speed as well
as functionality. To extend this lead we sought a partner who shared our goal
of mining every ounce of performance from the raw silicon. Broadcom’s Premier
Custom IC Program provided the right components to enable our innovative FP3
network processor, the industry’s first to support clear channel 400Gbps data
rates,” said Ken Kutzler, vice president of Engineering, Alcatel-Lucent.


The combination of our mutual proven design
methodologies and expertise coupled with Broadcom’s vast proprietary 40nm
libraries and customized elements came together to meet our aggressive performance
and feature requirements while maintaining a reliable path to production,”
Kutzler added.


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