Alcatel-Lucent Makes OpenPlug App Development Tools Free-for-All

Alcatel-Lucent announced it is making OpenPlug App development tools free for all. The announcement is in line with its vision to fuel the growth of applications that work across platforms and devices.

OpenPlug Studio  will be available to application developers free of charge.  OpenPlug Studio is a development toolkit that allows developers to efficiently create native applications for smart phones, tablets and other web-connected devices from a single code base using well-known web development technologies such as JavaScript, ActionScript and XML.  Developers can download at OpenPlug Studio.

Alcatel-Lucent also launched a Certified OpenPlug Solutions Provider Program focused on application development and developer training.  Initial members include Exuvis, Nexworld and On3.  They will teach developers how to use the OpenPlug tools, while also building mobile applications for businesses that run on any platform or device and leverage service providers’ network-based APIs.

These new initiatives will make it easier for a new generation of applications to be developed and rolled out at the speed of ideas”a core commitment of Alcatel-Lucent in its support of the application developer community.

The tremendous growth in mobile applications is largely fueled by the consumer and enterprise adoption of smartphones and tablets.  Industries such as transportation are looking to these devices to more efficiently mobilize their staffs and deliver an entirely new level of service.  Media and entertainment industries are using the technology to extend the value of content subscriptions across as many platforms as possible keeping paid content in play. 

“One of the things we set out to do when we created the Open API Platform was address the entire API and app ecosystem”, said Laura Merling, senior vice president of Alcatel-Lucent’s Application Enablement Strategy and Platform.  Making OpenPlug Studio free puts one of the industry’s most powerful tools into the hands of more developers.  And building a formal partner program further supports the need across all industries to provide the education and tools to meet the demands of the connected business.

Thanks to OpenPlug Studio, our customers will open their enterprise systems to new use cases enabled by smartphones and tablets. Nexworld will bring them the best architecture and software solutions to guarantee agility, efficiency and performance”, said Marc Muller, CEO at Nexworld.