Alcatel-Lucent strengthens telecom innovation

Telecom Lead Europe: Alcatel-Lucent said it has
strengthened its technology innovation in the last 12-months.

Our customers want to provide the best communications
solutions to consumers and businesses. It is our job to keep innovating to
ensure they are able to do so.  These technologies are examples of how in
2011 we helped our clients to deliver the very best communications. 
Whether assisting emergency services, or providing mobile access to areas
previously in service dead-zones, the last year has seen Alcatel-Lucent make
significant progress,” said Ben Verwaayen, chief executive of Alcatel Lucent.

Four highlights from the year are:


In 2011 Alcatel-Lucent launched lightRadio which is a
solution to the problem.  It is a cube that is lighter than a drinks can
and not much bigger, reduces network power consumption by 51 percent and can be
deployed in locations that previously did not have mobile coverage.


We have developed CloudBand to connect the network to the
cloud.  Cloud computing is now available to network companies, not just a
couple of high profile app developers.  CloudBand is a technology that
gives service providers the ability to offer cloud computing to retail and
consumer customers.  It is the foundation for a new class of ‘carrier-cloud’ services.

Smart grids

To enable transformation, power utilities are taking a
closer look at the power of their communications network to enable the smart
grid and its real-time applications. Alcatel-Lucent has worked with Canadian
utility AltaLink to move all mission-critical communications onto wide-area
networks, thereby taking advantage of reliable digital features and


OpenTouch suite of communications platforms allows
companies to embrace multimedia and multi-party communications.  Where
once companies relied on telephones and one-to-one meetings, OpenTouch means
they can now incorporate new tools to ensure the most efficient working

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