Alcatel-Lucent to power network capacity increase for France Telecom-Orange network

Telecom equipment provider Alcatel-Lucent announced that
it has been selected by France Telecom-Orange, a telecom operator, to
substantially increase the capacity of its optical fiber network connecting
Paris and London and meet increasing bandwidth demands.


France Telecom-Orange has already deployed 100 Gigabit
per second (100G) connection at the end of last November and a second
connection will be available by the end of December.


As part of the field trials, Alcatel-Lucent upgraded
France Telecom-Orange’s 720 km Paris-London connection, which was already
supporting 10Gb/s channels.


The trial demonstrated that Alcatel-Lucent’s 100G optical
coherent technology increases the traffic handling capacity of optical fiber
links that are already in service by a factor of 10. At the same time it
reduces operations and maintenance costs as well as it lowers power


The deployment of a 100G optical transmission
demonstrates our Group’s commitment to improve the performance of our networks on
a long-term basis in order to address the exponential bandwidth needs of our
customers. 100G technologies can expand the data capacity of our existing fiber
links to the multi-terabit capacity necessary to handle exploding traffic
growth over longer distances, with an optimized investment,” said Didier
Duriez, senior vice president International and Backbone Networks Factory
at France Telecom-Orange.


Alcatel-Lucent enhanced its existing 1626 Light Manager
with 100G next-generation coherent technology through the 1830 Photonic Service
Switch (PSS). Designed to address the booming demand for more bandwidth driven
by video streaming, web applications and cloud services, Alcatel-Lucent’s
single-carrier 100G coherent technology offers unprecedented performance in
existing 10G and 40G networks as well as brand new networks.


This 100G field trial further demonstrates our
leadership in optical networking, and highlights our ability to enable service
providers to quickly and seamlessly transform their networks to support much
higher capacities in a fast and reliably way. This project is another clear
example of how Alcatel-Lucent is building the networks that are at the heart of
tomorrow’s digital economy,” said Philippe Keryer, president of the Networks
Groupat Alcatel-Lucent.


The solution deployed is part of Alcatel-Lucent’s
Converged Backbone Transformation Solution, a key domain of the Alcatel-Lucent
High Leverage Network (HLN) architecture, which is designed to slash transport
costs and dramatically reduce operational complexity in core networks.


Recently, Alcatel-Lucent announced
that it has been selected by French service provider Bouygues Telecom to help
address the burgeoning demand for broadband services.


Alcatel-Lucent will take a lead role in the comprehensive
transformation of Bouygues Telecom’s current systems into a single, powerful
and flexible Internet Protocol (IP) network that can support video, high-speed
Internet access and voice services for both fixed and mobile access customers.


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