Alstom conducts live test of 4G LTE multi-services powered by Huawei

Alstom, an energy solutions and transport company, has completed the world’s first live pilot test of 4G LTE multi-services – powered by Huawei.

The 4G LTE multi-services pilot — based on Communications-based Train Control (CBTC), a railway signaling system based on wireless ground-to-train communication — covered the unified multi-service capabilities of several systems including CBTC, Passenger Information System (PIS), and closed-circuit television (CCTV).

French-based Alstom is the world’s first train manufacturer to integrate LTE 4G into its signaling system solution, the Urbalis Fluence CBTC solution, which improves the suitability of eLTE, providing a converged ground-to-train wireless communication network for metro operations.
Huawei image
As per an agreement between Huawei and Alstom finalized in April 2014, Huawei will provide the eLTE network for the pilot, while Alstom provides the train and LTE-compliant onboard equipment.

They conducted the test at metro lines near the Valenciennes commune area in France. Huawei optimized the network planning, broadband data services, and critical voice trunking services, while Alstom provided the technology integration support.
Huawei and Alstom conducted several tests, including laboratory and static test on trains, dynamic test on metro tracks, and testing of eLTE multi-services capabilities.

In a statement, Huawei said it signed 111 eLTE network contracts and established 53 eLTE commercial networks in more than 30 countries. Huawei has also deployed its eLTE solution in railways including Zhengzhou Metro Line 1 and Shuo Huang Railway.

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