Altai and Power Horizon to provide WiFi for GO Telecom


Altai Technologies announced that its Super WiFi
technology has been chosen for last mile access in GO Telecom’s WiMax network
in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Altai partnered with Power Horizon to conduct the overall
design and implementation of the Super WiFi technology. By integrating Altai’s
Super WiFi systems into GO Telecom’s Short Message System (SMS) network, GO’s
subscribers can activate the WiFi services instantly by sending a SMS to the
service operator.


With Altai’s
carrier-grade Super WiFi technology, GO Telecom can quickly add an overlay
Super WiFi network to their existing WiMax network in a very cost effective
way. With the overlay WiFi network, it immediately leverages the huge number of
WiFi user devices, such as iPhones, iPads, smart PDA’s, smart phones and lap


“Expanding WiMax and 3G capacity is very
expensive, so telecom operators can use OPEX to build an overlay network using
Altai’s Super WiFi technology without any additional investment,” said
Chi-hung Lin, president and CEO of Altai Technologies.    


Along with the advantage of Super WiFi as last mile
access and an overlay to offload data, the Altai A8 series base station can be
co-located with existing WiMax cell sites and therefore most of the site
acquisition costs, wired backhaul costs and radio planning work can be saved.
In addition, all the subscribers can enjoy direct access to the Super
WiFi network anywhere without the need of any CPE.  


Utilizing advanced wireless technology, the Altai Super
WiFi Base Station is the world’s leading outdoor access point optimized for
maximum coverage from a minimum number of installation sites without requiring
complicated network protocols. The Altai long range WiFi technology has
significantly reduced the required number of base station and therefore saving
up to 65 percent CAPEX and OPEX .


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