Alvarion to supply carrier-grade Wi-Fi base stations to mobile provider in rural China

Telecom Lead Asia: Wireless broadband solutions
provider Alvarion announced that a Tier 1 mobile carrier has deployed
Alvarion’s carrier-grade Wi-Fi base stations for Wi-Fi Internet access in rural

“We are pleased to work hand in hand with our
long-time partner and distributor BHU to provide carrier-grade Wi-Fi
connectivity throughout dozens of provinces, to the 3 major carriers in China
with a total of more than 10,000 base stations,” said Tal Meirzon, COO at

The mobile carrier has deployed approximately 2,500 of
Alvarion’s two-way beamforming Wi-Fi base stations in 2.4GHz in Liaoning
province. The mobile provider covered large and small rural cities such as
Shenyang, Tieling, Fushun, Chaoyang and Fuxin.

Due to the vast rugged terrain, laying down cables was not
possible. Alvarion’s Wi-Fi base stations met this challenge with a wireless
solution. With Alvarion’s coverage and capacity, fewer base stations were
required to provide Wi-Fi service making this solution a very cost-effective

Liaoning Province has a population of 40.9 million
citizens, of which 23.7 million are considered rural and had no telephony or
Internet connection to surrounding regions.

With the installation of Alvarion’s Wi-Fi base stations
in the predominantly agricultural area, public services improved, commuting
reduced and livelihood improved. Farmers are able to access an online
agricultural information service allowing them to improve yields and

In the case of early detection of possible harmful pests
or diseases to greenhouse crops, photographed samples could be emailed
immediately to agricultural research institutions for quick diagnosis.

The installations give unlimited connectivity and
coverage wherever Wi-Fi is present, and the ability to use their mobile phones,
tablets and other Wi-Fi integrated devices. Access to online applications such
as e-mailing, e-education, e-health, e-banking, sending and receiving of
documents and photos is made possible in a secure, low-cost and efficient

This project is one of many Tier 1 Carrier projects
spearheaded by BHU, a distributor of Alvarion, throughout different provinces
around China using Alvarion carrier-grade Wi-Fi solutions.

“Alvarion’s carrier-grade Wi-Fi base stations were
selected for this project because of their enhanced Wi-Fi technology that
delivers high performance and unlimited coverage and capacity,” said Xu
Dongdong, CEO of BHU.

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