Amdocs announces enhancements to multi-play smart pack

Amdocs announced enhancements to its
Amdocs Multi-Play Smart Pack solution to strengthen customer support
capabilities, improve operational efficiencies and allow greater flexibility
for mid-tier and independent cable TV operators.


Part of the Amdocs CES portfolio,
Smart Pack is a comprehensive multi-play customer care and billing solution
that enables robust support for video services, high-speed Internet and


Smart Pack enhancements include
Adoption of the Amdocs Smart Agent
Desktop, which provides customer service representatives (CSRs) with
one360-degree view of the customer and context-sensitive guidance during the


Smart Agent Desktop not only reduces
the number of mouse clicks and screens required to process an interaction, but
also reduces the training time enabling service reps to handle customer calls
more quickly and efficiently.


Pack Smart Tabs a new tabbed ordering design that gives users the flexibility
to create and configure their own tabs based on specific order needs and
processes. The new tabbed ordering sequence is configurable and allows
for insertion of third-party tabs to participate in the ordering process within
the same transaction.


order entry controls that enable CSRs to manage not only the order in which
data is entered, but also what data panels to display on screen. Individual
CSRs now have the ability to create their own look and feel, while Smart Pack’s
rules ensure that the required Smart Tabs are completed for each type of order.


entry, which enables operators to simply and easily save prospect information
on new or existing customers, create “to do” action items, and follow
up on prospects and service offer quotes at a later date.  


“The enhanced Amdocs Multi-Play
Smart Pack solution streamlines the ordering process for multiple lines of
business and allows CSRs to efficiently handle all customer activity, from the
call center to customer web-based self care. Smart Pack is an industry proven
solution that gives multi-play service providers the foundation they need to
create a superior customer experience and  to tap into new revenue streams
by easily adding new lines of business such as voice-over-IP or IPTV,” said
Brian Shepherd, group president and head of global marketing at Amdocs.


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