Amdocs Partners with Bharti Airtel to Drive 5G and IoT Monetization, Elevate Customer Experience

Amdocs, a global leader in software and services for communications and media companies, has announced a strategic collaboration with Bharti Airtel.
Amdocs for telecomsThe partnership aims to revolutionize 5G and IoT monetization  while enhancing the overall end-user customer experience.

As part of this partnership, Amdocs will develop a cutting-edge digital platform to automate and digitize Airtel’s business operations, facilitating the creation of a single-bundled plan and billing system for all its services. This transformative step is set to significantly boost customer satisfaction within Airtel’s customer base. Airtel is the second largest mobile service provider in India.

The platform’s implementation will have a substantial impact on customers subscribed to Airtel Black, which is a unique offering that consolidates various accounts into a single Airtel plan. With the platform in place, customers will have the flexibility to customize their own plans, drawing from a range of Airtel services, including mobile, broadband, and direct-to-home.

This transition will not only streamline Airtel’s services but also offer a unified and enhanced customer experience, increase billing accuracy, and optimize business operations through seamless ecosystem integration and real-time insights, which will empower informed decision-making.

Pradipt Kapoor, Chief Information Officer at Bharti Airtel, expressed enthusiasm about this partnership, saying, “As Airtel transitions from a telco to a techco, we are constantly looking for ways and means to enhance our customer experience with the right use of technology solutions.”

Anthony Goonetilleke, Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy at Amdocs, also shared his excitement about the collaboration. He stated, “Our efforts will ensure Airtel benefits from technology, while the cloud-ready deployment and auto-scaling capabilities will ensure a flexible and efficient infrastructure.”

The partnership between Amdocs and Bharti Airtel signifies a strategic move to further advance India’s digital landscape and telecommunications industry. It exemplifies the commitment to providing Airtel’s customers with an unmatched and seamless experience, setting a new benchmark for customer-centric services and technological innovation in the region.