América Móvil and Alcatel-Lucent build submarine cable for 100G transmission

Telecom Lead America: América Móvil, a wireless services provider in Latin America, in association with Alcatel-Lucent, is constructing 17,500km submarine cable system designed for 100G transmission.

América Móvil 1 will cover from the US to Central America and Brazil. The AMX-1 System will enable América Móvil to provide international connectivity to all its subsidiaries.


Commercial operation of the network comprising the AMX-1 System is planned to start in late 2013. Cable route and landing surveys are complete and manufacturing of cable and repeaters is well underway.

The AMX-1 System design is optimized for 100G transmission, with an ultimate trunk capacity of over 50 Tb/s.

The network will benefit América Móvil 256 million wireless subscribers and 62 million fixed lines, as well as enhancing its existing fixed voice, broadband and pay T.V. services.

América Móvil says 100G AMX-1 System deployment will help to increase their return on investment by maximizing the use of cable assets and minimizing the maintenance costs. 

“100G technology is playing a fundamental role in scalability as operators are seeking to manage their bandwidth expansion to meet increasing demands for content-rich services and to address new applications such as data center interconnection needs,” said Philippe Dumont, president of Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks.

The AMX-1 System will integrate Alcatel-Lucent OALC-4 cable optimized with coherent submarine fiber (CSF), repeaters, branching units and the 1620 Light Manager (LM) submarine line terminal equipped with Advanced Coherent technology and offering unique Optical Add and Drop (OADM) flexibility to increase AMX-1 System’s direct connectivity to countries in the Americas.

Maintenance will be performed under Alcatel-Lucent’s Atlantic Private Maintenance Agreement (APMA) which currently maintains over 100,000 km of critical submarine cable infrastructure in the Atlantic Ocean.