Anritsu intros solutions to locate faults in submarine cables

Anritsu, a provider of test and measurement solutions, has unveiled its innovation in the field of submarine cable fault location. The company has introduced the Coherent OTDR MW90010B, a cutting-edge test and measurement device designed to accurately locate faults in submarine cables.
Anritsu Coherent OTDR MW90010BWith the exponential growth of 5G mobile networks and cloud services, the demand for robust and reliable submarine cable communications has surged. Submarine cables are vital for carrying the majority of global data communications, and their importance is only expected to increase with future technological advancements.

Major IT vendors have been investing heavily in new installation projects and expanding their network infrastructure. Landing stations and cables are being installed to establish direct synchronization between data centers, ensuring high-speed and low-latency connectivity. Consequently, the complexity of submarine cable networks has increased, necessitating the development of advanced solutions for their installation and maintenance.

Anritsu’s Coherent OTDR MW90010B employs the coherent detection method, utilizing optical heterodyne technology. Equipped with a built-in tunable wavelength light source, the MW90010B offers an easily selectable wavelength that covers the full C-band, enabling comprehensive measurement of all cable lines from each landing station. This capability plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and reliability of submarine cables.

One of the standout features of the MW90010B is its impressive range. It can evaluate faults in submarine cables extending up to 20,000 kilometers. With repeaters installed at intervals of 80 kilometers or wider, the device can accurately detect faults up to a distance of 12,000 kilometers. Moreover, by utilizing the MW90010B-003 option, the detection distance can be extended up to a remarkable 20,000 kilometers.

The device also offers a wider wavelength range, spanning from 1527.60 to 1567.13 nanometers with a 50GHz step, adhering to the ITU-T grid. Its built-in tunable light source ensures a remarkable wavelength accuracy of ±0.05 nanometers.

Anritsu has made significant strides in improving the portability of the MW90010B, reducing its weight by 40 percent while maintaining the same product size as its predecessor. Weighing less than 10 kilograms, the device can be easily transported and utilized at landing stations, submarine cable laying vessels, and various maintenance sites.

Anritsu Corporation remains committed to assisting customers in enhancing the quality of submarine cable communications. By introducing the Coherent OTDR1 MW90010B, the company aims to provide effective test solutions that meet the evolving needs of the market. With its advanced capabilities, Anritsu is poised to play a crucial role in ensuring the seamless operation of submarine cable networks, enabling reliable and efficient data communications on a global scale.