APC by Schneider Electric launches MGE Galaxy 5500 and 300 for secure power environments

By Telecom Lead Team: APC by Schneider Electric has launched
MGE Galaxy 5500 and the MGE Galaxy 300.

Schneider Electric’s new business line
comes as part of its strategy to expand its products and services range for
industries and facilities beyond data centers.

Mission critical processes in industrial applications
make MGE Galaxy 5500 and MGE Galaxy 300 by APC very important for secure and
reliable power supply. Both products are designed for harsh Indian
environmental conditions.

The MGE Galaxy 5500 and MGE Galaxy 300
offer reliability, adaptability and customized solutions for critical
applications keeping in mind the harsh Indian conditions. For instance, the
Galaxy G300 UPS has been specifically designed
for Small and Medium
Businesses looking for a simple and reliable UPS to protect their critical applications.

The MGE Galaxy G5500state-of-the-art
three-phase power protection UPS is designed to meet a wide range of
requirements from medium data centers to industrial and facilities

The launch of these two
products emphasizes our aim to widen our product spectrum from IT into other
industry verticals,” said Shrinivas Chebbi, country general manager and vice
president – India, APC by Schneider Electric.

The MGE Galaxy 5500 is a three-phase UPS
in the 20-120 KVA segment mainly used in medium data centers and industrial
applications in the oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, healthcare, marine
and infrastructure sectors.

The product is manufactured with 6 pack
IGBT Technology which improves the performance of theUPS. The MGE Galaxy 5500
has low audible noise and high efficiency which makes it an ideal product for
industrial applications.MGE Galaxy 5500 can connect upto 6 units in parallel
for increase in capacity or redundancy.

The MGE Galaxy 5500 series has a
specially designed offer called G5500 Marine” for Marine, Mobility (containers
/ trucks) applications, designed to address specific marine environment
challenges and applications such as mechanical reinforcements to absorb high
levels of vibration and shock absorption. The G5500 marine is designed
according to IACS marine standards.


The MGE Galaxy 5500
is an enhanced version of the MGE Galaxy 5000, providing better flat efficiency
curve and significant energy efficiency gains. Separately, APC has made an
easier order structure with the MGE Galaxy 5500 to enable quicker product
delivery and lower the customer lead time.

The MGE Galaxy 300 is an adaptable
three-phase UPS for general purpose applications. This product in the 10-40kVA
segment is mainly used in Commercial buildings, Small IT environments, Telecom
sector, and Industrial environments.

It offers reliable power protection
and a robust and easy-to-install system at the best price-to-performance ratio.
The MGE Galaxy 300 is the easiest UPS in its class to install, manage, and
maintain. Electrical contractors are on the lookout for products which are
easy to install and maintain. The product is aimed at electrical contractors
and facility managers who do not have specialized knowledge in UPS installation
and are end-customer influencers.

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