Aptilo upgrades analytics features

Aptilo Networks has upgraded its analytics and captive portal features to its Wi-Fi service platform, Aptilo Service Management Platform (SMP).
The platform can be used as a cloud service, in which the hotel lines can utilize the company’s Venue Wi-Fi Manager to monitor its Wi-Fi services for multiple hotel properties from a single scalable platform.
Aptilo SMP VWM is to be applied at hotels for guest service and marketing.
The Portal can be modified and reset according to requirement on individual property.
Objects and texts in the portal can be selected from the Aptilo Captive Portal Manager for modification suiting the needs of particular property by non-technical administrators without web development skills.
“The highly scalable Aptilo SMP has been proven in demanding service provider and hospitality deployments around the world,” said Andy Langston, Enterprise Account Manager, Aptilo Networks.
An easy-to-use web GUI will include analytics from the user demographic data and a multitude of different data patterns to give inputs for individual properties. This will be as beneficial for the companies as WiFi services, said the company.
Aptilo SMP VWM will also offer Wi-Fi onboarding for hotel guests on a secure encrypted Wi-Fi network enabling guests travelling to different properties in different regions or countries to connect to the Wi-Fi automatically, allowing the hotels to keep guests informed via email or SMS.
It will conduct discussions on the same at the HTNG Asia-Pacific Conference in Bangkok held from July 26-28, 2016.
“With our new Venue Wi-Fi Manager, hotels can offer an individualized, frictionless experience, easily engage with guests, and sell more products and services, all with the reliability of a carrier-class network,” Langston added.
The group recently provided WiFi services to the nationwide network, Bahrain Wi-Fi using the Aptilo Service Management Platform (SMP). It will also be used by Linktel to provide carrier Wi-Fi services for millions of guests expected for the Olympics event held in Rio de Janeiro, this year.