Asahi Net deploys Allot network traffic analytics

Allot, a provider of network intelligence and security-as-a-service (SECaaS) solutions, today announced that Asahi Net, a broadband provider in Japan, has launched Allot’s SmartTraffic QoE solution.
Asahi Net broadband in JapanSmartTraffic QoE provides network traffic analytics as well as real-time traffic management, which will improve network Quality of Experience (QoE) for Asahi Net’s VNOs and their broadband customers.

With the deployment of SmartTraffic QoE, Allot has replaced the incumbent solution, while expanding its footprint in Japan. The solution utilizes the Allot Service Gateway Tera II (SG-Tera II), an integrated platform for delivering network intelligence, traffic management, and cybersecurity protection.

Allot said it addresses multiple challenges including modular scalability through its ability to handle up to 1 Tbps of network traffic in a single system and multiple Tbps in a clustered configuration.

“When we decided to renew our existing network traffic management system, Allot’s more expandable DPI solution SG-Tera II system was exactly what we needed,” said Satoshi Kashiwa, Corporate Officer of Asahi Net. “With this new solution, we now have greater flexibility and can manage significant traffic capacity.”

Allot’s SmartTraffic QoE solution utilizes Allot’s Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology to identify different types of encrypted traffic. The solution prioritizes critical applications over those that overwhelm available bandwidth, based on Key Quality Indicators (KQIs). Using those KQIs, network traffic is dynamically shaped to ensure that heavy users do not negatively impact the QoE of regular customers.

“Asahi Net’s launch of SmartTraffic QoE marks a significant milestone in our expansion into the Japanese market as it is the first deployment of SG-Tera II in the nation,” said Oren Kaufman, General Manager at Allot Japan.