AT&T, Ericsson, Altair to demo LTE Power Saving Mode

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AT&T, Ericsson and chipset maker Altair will demonstrate LTE Power Saving Mode on commercial LTE Internet of Things (IoT) chipset platform at the GSMA Mobile 360 Series – North America.

The demonstration will be using Ericsson networks and Altair’s FourGee-1160 Cat 1 chipset featuring ultra-low power consumption.

A number of IoT applications depend on battery power for long-duration operation because many IoT devices are not located near a power source.

Cameron Coursey, vice president, Product Development, AT&T’s IoT Organization, said whether a trucking company hauls cargo across the country or a restaurant transports fresh food overseas, a long battery life on their connected devices can help them provide continuous service.

Power Saving Mode, an Ericsson Evolved Packet Core feature based on 3GPP (Release 12) for both GSM and LTE networks, extends IoT device battery life up to ten years or more for common use cases and traffic profiles. This Power Saving Mode feature is available in Ericsson SGSN-MME Release 16A.

Eran Eshed, co-founder and VP of Marketing and Business Development, Altair, said Power Saving Mode running on a Cat 1 device enables new use cases and services.

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