AT&T Mexico deploys MATRIXX Software’s digital commerce platform

AT&T Mexico is deploying MATRIXX Software’s cloud native digital commerce platform for its pre-paid mobile phone customers.
AT&T campaignMATRIXX Digital Commerce is replacing multiple legacy Intelligent Network (IN) and Business Support Systems (BSS) to provide a web-scale BSS that will allow for greater innovation and business agility. MATRIXX Software said it will support both the AT&T brand and UNEFON brand on a single platform.

AT&T selected MATRIXX Digital Commerce, the industry’s leading solution for real-time cloud native rating and convergent charging for 5G (CCS) and 4G (OCS), after a rigorous evaluation process that included multiple vendors.

Glo Gordon, CEO of MATRIXX Software, said: “The proliferation of connected devices, increasing data consumption and 5G network rollouts are driving SPs to replace aging BSS infrastructure with modern, agile platforms like MATRIXX that provide innovation at speed for the business, and web-scale capabilities for operations.”

The MATRIXX platform is micro-services based for scalability and resiliency and provides the operational agility to automate and hyper-scale successful offerings at web-speed.

Designed with an API-first architecture and click-not-code configuration for business rules and use cases, MATRIXX enables CSPs with the commercial agility they need to drive new service revenues across consumer, enterprise and industry.

With its commercial model of delivering a configurable and upgradable product, MATRIXX Digital Commerce breaks the cycle of vendor lock-in and ongoing, unpredictable costs driven by customized deployments.