AT&T to deploy Salesforce Customer 360 to enhance user experience

Salesforce said AT&T will deploy Salesforce Customer 360 to enhance experience of its more than 100 million customers.
AT&T campaignThe announcement is part of AT&T’s transformation to accelerate momentum in wireless, 5G, fiber-fed broadband and software-delivered entertainment.

Salesforce said Customer 360 will enable AT&T to deliver customer experiences across retail, marketing, online, business and more.

AT&T will utilize Salesforce’s Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to empower their retail associates with a 360-degree view of every customer interaction.

AT&T will also use MuleSoft to connect their various back-end systems.

AT&T will also deploy Tableau to analyze data and better understand customers’ preferences.

AT&T will use Einstein to serve more intelligent and personalized recommendations and route support cases.

Jeff McElfresh, chief executive officer of AT&T Communications, said: “Salesforce 360 will help us amplify the benefits of connectivity services for our customers and deliver the most highly-tailored and best cross-channel experience ever.”