Avago launches fiber optic module solutions for Data Centers to increase bandwidth


Telecom Lead Team:
Avago Technologies, a
supplier of analog interface components for communications, launched fiber
optic module solutions to enable greater bandwidth and more efficient
switching in data centers.


The Avago QSFP+ eSR4 modules can integrate four 10G lanes
in each direction to increase bandwidth within a line card by more than three
times while using 50 percent less power than that of a one-lane SFP+ module.


The new QSFP+ eSR4 is parallel optical and a pluggable
transceiver that can address both 40 Gigabit (40G) and 10 Gigabit (10G)
Ethernet applications with a verified link distance of 400 meters.


This ability allows data center and operators to reuse
the current 10G wired infrastructure when upgrading to 40G, providing a major
cost savings.


QSFP+ eSR4 modules can be used for both high-density 10G
and 40G aggregated Ethernet applications, providing more flexibility to connect
to different levels of switches, reducing latency, and increasing port density
with lower power consumption per lane.


Furthermore, the company also announced production of
its QSFP+ iSR4 modules, which enable interoperability to 10G SFP+
links up to 100 meters using OM3 multimode fiber (MMF) and 150 meters using OM4


Avago introduced the industry’s first 40G Ethernet SR4
module last year, and our new QSFP+ iSR4 and eSR4 modules provide a simpler
migration path for data centers to upgrade from 10G to 40G Ethernet and span
longer reaches,” said Philip Gadd, vice president and GM of the Fiber Optics
product division at Avago.


The QSFP+ eSR4 version extends this reach to 300 meters
with OM3 MMF and 400 meters using OM4 MMF. Avago expects to sample the QSFP+
eSR4 modules by this summer.


Avago will demonstrate the QSFP+ iSR4 and eSR4 modules at
the 2012 OFC/NFOEC in Los Angeles Convention Center from March 6-8.


The AFBR-79EIDZ QSFP+ iSR4 module is priced at $800 each
in 10 piece quantities.


Recently, Avago Technologies introduced
MGA-43128, a high-gain, high-linearity power amplifier for high-data-rate
applications found in 700-800 MHz cellular infrastructure equipment.

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