BAE Systems introduces SOCET GXP v4.0 with multiple geospatial technologies

Telecom Lead America: BAE Systems has built a powerful
geospatial-intelligence software product by merging the full spectrum of
mapping and analysis capabilities into SOCET GXP v4.0.

The new mapping and analysis capabilities include image
analysis, geospatial analysis, photogrammetry, and remote sensing.


The newly improved tool will be used by the global
Commercial, defense, and government customers to create and share a wide range
of products, from complete 3-D city models to GeoPDF intelligence reports.


  Ten years ago, we began to see convergence in the
various mapping and analysis disciplines. To address this trend, we built SOCET
GXP to integrate multiple geospatial capabilities into one product, eliminate
the redundancy of specialty packages, and reduce operating, maintenance, and
training costs,” said Jeff Allen, general manager of BAE
Systems’ Geospatial eXploitation Products business.


The SOCET GXP v4.0 features real-time, interactive 3-D
views synchronized with 2-D imagery to simulate the operating environment.


The latest version also features new LiDAR analysis,
Triangulated Irregular Network terrain modeling, and automatic feature
extraction capabilities to accelerate tedious manual tasks.


Compatible with geospatial products such as
TerraGo 2-D Publisher and 3-D GeoPDF, Google Earth, EsriArcGIS Server, and
Esri geodatabases, SOCET GXP v4.0 uses imagery and video from government and
commercial sources to identify, analyze, and extract ground features quickly
for improved situational awareness.


Data discovered in GXP Xplorer, BAE Systems’ latest data
management tool, can be loaded into SOCET GXP v4.0 for further analysis.


BAE Systems bags $450 million contract for Ground Combat
Vehicle Program


Last year, BAE Systems bagged a $449.9 million contract
to participate in the technology development (TD) phase of the U.S. Army’s
Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) program.


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