Balboa Capital launches Mobile Compass for partners


Balboa Capital announced the launch of Mobile Compass.
The new functionality of Mobile Compass will bring all of the features of
Balboa Capital’s vendor sales management system directly to mobile devices for
anytime, anywhere access.


Compass is Balboa Capital’s online sales management tool
that allows its Vendor Partners to track and manage their customers’ financing


Mobile Compass features an intuitive platform that is
streamlined and very user friendly. Data such as a credit application can be
entered with ease and passed along securely to Balboa Capital from an Apple
iPhone or iPad, or any Android mobile device or tablet.


Vendors can also access features such as the Compass
Payment Calculator to determine payment options and quote various lease
structures right from their mobile device or tablet.


The functionality of Mobile Compass allows Balboa Capital to continue providing the rapid
transaction turnaround time and fast, customer-focused service its Vendor
Partners have long been accustomed to.


“From checking on a transaction’s status to
accessing financing activity reports, Mobile Compass gets it done quickly and
securely through some of today’s most widely used mobile devices and tablets.
Our recent launch of Mobile Compass is another great example of Balboa
Capital’s commitment to providing its Vendor partners with forward-thinking
technology and a convenient financing platform,” said Patrick Ontal, vice
president of Vendor Services Group.


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