BATS unveils broadband antenna tracking systems


Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems has introduced its
ground-breaking Domed Aiming and Tracking System (DVM-100 and DVM-300). These
pre-assembled, ready-to-use units seamlessly integrate the radio, antenna, GPS,
and aiming device that are housed in an environmentally sealed protective dome
for greater reliability.


The domed system comes in two sizes. Both can be pole
mounted, and a vehicle mount is available for the smaller unit. The
Domes are well suited for the extreme weather conditions encountered in the oil
and gas industries.


There are many benefits to BATS’ DVM system,” said Phil
Cramer, BATS V.P. Sales.


Our new domed systems are the ideal solution for
virtually all conditions. The domes provide marine grade reliability and a lower
wind profile allowing our systems to work flawlessly in all kinds of rugged
environments. Our customers appreciate that the Domed Aiming and Tracking
System can be quickly deployed with a minimum level of technical
skills,” Cramer added.

The BATS DVM-100 system is a ready-to-use radio/antenna system with GPS
targeting stabilization, auto-aiming, and power control unit. The system is
designed for rugged, quick-deploy operations, with multiple vehicle mounting
options including suction-cup mount to the top of the vehicle.


The onboard GPS-assisted gyro-stabilizer compensates for
lateral and vertical vehicle movement, and the DVM-100 has extensive built-in
remote management capabilities, enabling operations from anywhere. The 19-pound
system (15″ wide x 15″ tall) delivers an uninterrupted high-bandwidth wireless
network with moving vehicles up to 48 MB/sec at 10 kilometers.


The BATS DVM-300 employs the same technological
innovation as the DVM-100, yet harbors a very powerful antenna/radio system
which provides high-bandwidth communications over long distances. The DVM-300
delivers an uninterrupted high-bandwidth wireless network with moving vehicles
up to 100 MB/sec at 40 kilometers, with ample connectivity over 60 kilometers.


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