Bay Dynamics drives Comcast Cable’s threat detection

Bay Dynamics said Comcast Cable is using its Risk Fabric Platform for threat detection and response.

As a result, Comcast has increased the efficiency and responsiveness of its security teams and set up the pillars of an automated internal security awareness training program.

Bay Dynamics, a provider of cyber security solutions and actionable risk intelligence, aids Comcast to characterize and consolidate events generated by its security tools. Risk Fabric uses data to drive the contextualization and intelligent correlation of anomalous user behavior.
“Protecting our customers’ privacy and security is a critical priority for Comcast. We know we must continually evolve our systems, using the most cutting edge technology and services,” said Myrna Soto, senior vice president and chief infrastructure and information security officer at Comcast.

Meanwhile, Comcast will expand itsXfinity Home business by integrating new partner devices from August, Automatic, Cuff, Leeo, Lutron, Rachio, SkyBell and Whistle starting this summer.

Later this year, Comcast will release a Software Development Kit (SDK) and a certification program that will make it easier for partners to work with Xfinity Home and provide customers more options to further personalize their smart homes.

Feris Rifai, co-founder and CEO of Bay Dynamics, said: “Bay Dynamics has also worked with Comcast to create a training program designed to provide real-time, automated, task-specific, interactive security awareness training to selected Comcast employees.”

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