BelAir Networks Unveils compact LTE+3G+Wi-Fi Metrocell with integrated wireless backhaul

BelAir Networks, the small cell wireless networking
solutions for licensed and unlicensed spectrum service providers, announced the
general availability of the industry’s first compact LTE+3G+Wi-Fi Metrocell
with integrated wireless backhaul for easy outdoor deployments.  

The BelAir2100 LTE/3G/Wi-Fi Metrocell supports multiple
licensed bands, Carrier Wi-Fi access and a range of integrated wireless and
wireline backhaul options in a small, robust and easy-to-install base station that
reduces small cell CapEx and OpEx in dense metropolitan areas.

“BelAir2100 Metrocell hits every sweet spot in the
small cell space with its combination of radios, ease of installation and
smooth integration with the mobile carrier’s existing macro and core
network,” said Chris Kissel, Mobile Internet Analyst, In-Stat.  

Mobile data traffic growth rates outstrip associated
revenue, while Wi-Fi popularity continues to increase.  These trends have
prompted operators to augment their traditional macrocell networks with small
cell technologies and Wi-Fi to cost-effectively handle mobile data in high
traffic areas.  

Operators can deploy small cells to cost-effectively
increase capacity and add Wi-Fi to further augment this capacity while also
maintaining the contact with their customers that is critical to their
subscriber growth and retention objectives.  

With the BelAir2100, targeted metropolitan in-fill coverage
and capacity can be deployed more affordably and in matters of weeks saving
service providers CapEx and OpEx.

“We were the first to engineer Wi-Fi for the demanding
carrier environment, first to successfully integrate Wi-Fi with licensed bands
and now, with the BelAir2100 LTE/3G/Wi-Fi Metrocell, first to unlock the
potential for outdoor small cells,” said Bernard Herscovich, president and
CEO, BelAir Networks.  

BelAir Networks  has worked with Tier One
carriers to deploy large scale Carrier Wi-Fi networks and successful trials and
commercial deployment of their outdoor small cell product, the BelAir100SP
Strand Picocell.  

Leveraging this Carrier Wi-Fi and Small Cell leadership, the
new BelAir2100 Metrocell features industry-leading innovations that make it
easier and more cost-effective for mobile operators to deliver a great user
experience, even in high traffic areas suffering under a deluge of mobile data

BelAir2100 Metrocell is designed to mitigate interference
and enable full RF interoperability between the licensed band and Wi-Fi access
radios, as well as between the metrocell and the macro network.  It also
features an all IP backhaul and supports multiple tunneling protocols, enabling
full mobility across networks.

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