Belgium’s telecom operator taps Alcatel-Lucent to measure performance of mobile services

Telecom Lead Europe: Belgacom, a telecom service provider in Belgium, has tapped Alcatel-Lucent to measure the performance of mobile services offered to business customers.

Jan Paesen, director Product Management Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Belgacom

The association with Alcatel-Lucent enables Belgacom to meet service level agreements (SLAs) with its customers.

Alcatel-Lucent’s Service Quality Manager (SQM) enables Belgacom to accurately report on a range of key performance and quality indicators such as service availability and reliability. Belgacom can use this information to take actions to improve their clients’ customer experience.

Moreover, SQM enables Belgium’s telecom operator to translate its commitment to quality into concrete SLAs which guarantee and continuously improve mobile voice, data and SMS services for its corporate customers.

“Our mission is to assure our customers that the mobile services we are providing live up to their expectations. Alcatel-Lucent’s Service Quality Management solution is instrumental in reaching this objective – providing a host of benefits both for us and for our business customers. As importantly, by means of SQM’s reporting functionality we can actually prove to our customers that they are indeed receiving the quality for which they contracted,” said Jan Paesen, director Product Management Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Belgacom.

This real-time monitoring of the customer experience is unique on the Belgian market. SQM will be a key asset for people throughout Belgacom’s organization, from the operations and network planning department, to marketing and customer care personnel.

“SQM has not only been built to support mobile services and network technologies; going forward, it could also be applied to Belgacom’s fixed and video activities. In light of what SQM can deliver and our long standing history of superior collaboration in network building and deployment, our solution was a natural choice for Belgacom,” said Luc Defieuw, VP CIS, North, Central and Eastern Europe from Alcatel-Lucent.

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