BLiNQ Networks launches small cell backhaul solution X-100

Telecom Lead America: BLiNQ Networks has launched the X-100, a small cell backhaul solution.

The rapidly scalable self-organizing system eliminates capacity hotspots.

The X-100 uses non-line-of-sight (NLOS) and point-to-multipoint technologies.

As BLiNQ’s X-100 systems provide a cost effective solution for heterogeneous network deployments, mobile operators are able to deploy small cells exactly where they are needed while significantly reducing the time and expense associated with traditional backhaul solutions.

Mickey Miller, CEO and President of BLiNQ Networks

Carriers will benefit BLiNQ’s solution provides an easy-to-deploy, scalable backhaul service wherever they need to add capacity to meet the insatiable bandwidth demands of the mobile consumer. The solution is self-configuring and implements interference management technology to maximize capacity and reliability of wireless backhaul in true non-line-of-sight conditions.

The X-100 povides 30 percent cost savings over line-of-sight microwave and millimeter wave solutions as well as 55 percent cost savings as compared to fiber optical backhaul. The solution is easily installed in less than 15 minutes by a single technician and is self-configuring, further reducing long term operating costs. The solution offers breakthrough capacity of 83 Mbps in 10 MHz bandwidth channel.

“The X-100 is the first product that we are introducing as part of BLiNQ’s Backhaul Suite,” said Mickey Miller, CEO and President of BLiNQ Networks. “Our software solves a number of capacity challenges in the enterprise, telecom, and mobile infrastructures.”

The X100 is available in both low-cost licensed and non-exclusive licensed spectrum.

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