Blue Coat MACH5 WAN optimization appliance wins Networks Asia Readers Award


Blue Coat Systems, a provider of Web security
and WAN optimization solutions, announced that the Blue Coat MACH5 WAN
Optimization appliance has been honored by Networks Asia Readers’ Choice
Product Excellence Award in the Network Optimization/Acceleration category for
the second consecutive year.


The Readers’ Choice Awards recognizes IT vendors that
have made the most impact on their organization in 2011. The award is
determined by readers of Network World Asia magazine and Networks
Asia portal.


It is no surprise that Blue Coat MACH5 is a category
leader as it empowers IT to leverage new Web, cloud and video technologies
whilst ensuring traditional enterprise application performance,” said Victor
Ng, South East Asia bureau chief, Network World Asia.


The MACH5 WAN Optimization solution accelerates remote
branch office access to files, email, storage and enterprise applications as
well as Web, cloud and video applications.  The Blue Coat approach to next
generation WAN optimization can promote branch offices collaboration,
improve productivity and accelerate business applications.


The MACH5 solution includes one-sided”
(asymmetric) acceleration technology to accelerate and optimize cloud-delivered
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. These applications do not require a
WAN optimization device in the cloud provider’s infrastructure.

 The MACH5 solution’s video delivery using a combination
of stream-splitting and advanced video caching technologies scales the use of
internal company video with minimal network impact. This prevents the
deployment of Web video from saturating a company’s WAN or Internet gateway or
crippling of the performance of other business critical applications.


The MACH5 WAN Optimization solution also
includes secure branch-to-cloud” direct Internet access so companies no
longer have to backhaul Internet traffic to and from the corporate data center
for security purposes, so IT organizations get a chance to re-architect their
WANs to meet new application realities.


Branch-to-cloud topology lowers networking costs and
speeds access to cloud-based SaaS applications. A scalable,
Internet-delivered security service provides real-time protection against Web-based
threats without the need for on-location equipment or the requirement to update
appliances, servers or user desktops.


With the rapidly changing world of Web-driven
applications and the preponderance of video content leading a new spectrum of
network challenges, we are proud to be benchmarked for outperforming other WAN
optimization solutions that are limited to only traditional data applications,”
said Steve Daheb, chief marketing officer and senior vice president, Blue Coat


Blue Coat Systems recently announced
addition of Cloud-Connector to its Blue Coat MACH5 WAN optimization appliances
and virtual appliances.


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