Blue Danube to reveal Massive MIMO achievements at MWC 2018

Blue Danube Systems Massive MIMO
Blue Danube Systems, a provider of intelligent wireless access solutions, has expanded the deployment of its massive MIMO solution to multiple clustered cell sites.

Blue Danube Systems is a privately held start-up backed by Sequoia Capital and Silver Lake along with other investors including AT&T.

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Massive MIMO implementations typically operate as closed single-sector solutions, spilling unwanted Radio Frequency (RF) energy across cell edges and potentially degrading adjacent sector performance.

Blue Danube’s approach to Massive MIMO starts by assuring RF array coherency which in conjunction with digital processing uniquely enables the definition, placement and dynamic coordination of high precision beams that can be software engineered to minimize adjacent sector interference and actually improve clustered cell performance.

Blue Danube — using its BeamCraft 500 Massive MIMO systems — performed multi-sector beam optimization at two different sites within the FDD-LTE network at a US mobile operator.

Engineers used the machine learning intelligence of the cloud-based software platform BeamPlanner to generate RF patterns to optimize and coordinate inter-cell and inter-sector performance. Engineers demonstrated improvements of 1.7 to 2.0X in downlink capacity over both multi-sector locations.

Additionally, engineers achieved 7dB increase in signal quality due to BeamCraft’s precision beam control leading to 1.7X improvement in individual user download speed. Blue Danube further expects capacity improvements of 5X or more by increasing from two to four beams in future trials.

Blue Danube is engineering its Massive MIMO suite of products to interoperate with other industry network resources such as Self Optimized Network (SON), Centralized Radio Access Network (CRAN) and Open Network Application Platform (ONAP) software along with geolocation and mobile application driven analytics.

Mark Pinto, CEO of Blue Danube Systems, said: “Adding to our recent announcement of the first multi-band Massive MIMO products, we are making available powerful and flexible tools for operators to seamlessly insert 5G-ready technology into their existing LTE networks for substantial system-wide capacity gain.”

Joe Madden, founder and principal analyst at Mobile Experts, said Blue Danube’s results on clustered Massive MIMO deployments represent a critical milestone, provide compelling evidence that the technology can have broad impact across entire operator networks.