Bouygues Telecom selects NGDATA to improve customer experience

NGDATA, a customer experience management solutions provider, announced its tech deal with Bouygues Telecom, to improve customer experience.
Bouygues Telecom HQBouygues Telecom, a France-based operator of mobile phone, Internet service and IPTV services, is using NGDATA SmartVideo to enhance the effectiveness of its customer service and experience initiatives.

Bouygues Telecom aims to reduce the number of inbound calls and subsequent support tickets. Bouygues is using NGDATA to produce a personalized SmartVideo program that pre-empts common customer questions by anticipating issues and situations before they happen.

Telecom solutions from NGDATA are also assisting Bouygues Telecom in educating and informing customers on their products and services.

SmartVideo assists Bouygues Telecom in achieving reduction in the volume of calls to its call centre and wait times, as well as improved customer satisfaction.

“NGDATA’s SmartVideo is a highly effective vehicle for providing useful, customized information that customers will remember,” Carmine Muscariello, director of Fixed-Line Customer Quality Operations at Bouygues Telecom, said.

NGDATA said its technology solutions for telecom operators drive the insight behind the personalized elements of a SmartVideo. Telecom operators use its technology solutions to display data in the form of dynamic graphs, charts, maps and more.

Mobile operators use videos to confirm appointments for technical services and to guide customers towards additional informative resources.

NGDATA’s Customer DNA attributes are used to personalize both the videos’ visuals and audio to each customer, and it leverages data such as customer name, type of technical issue, the appointment details and a temporary solution for the customers’ issues.

NGDATA co-founder and CEO Luc Burgelman said:“Data-driven videos can be used in every phase of the customer journey, and that opens up impressive prospects for Bouygues Telecom.”