Broadband video platform provider Teleste to unveil new Intelligent Networks concept

Telecom Lead Europe: Teleste, a provider of broadband
video and service platforms, will introduce its new Intelligent Networks

The Intelligent Networks concept enables Teleste to
address cable operators’ major issues including the increasing operating costs.

A Teleste Corporation said the new concept consists of
intelligent network equipment that can auto-adjust itself and be monitored and
configured, and management software that controls all the devices in a cable

Intelligence can significantly reduce on-site maintenance
and lower operating expenses by up to 50 percent, according to Teleste’s

With constantly increasing capacity demands, broadband
network operators need to invest heavily both in new network equipment and the
maintenance of their networks.

“Manual maintenance has traditionally been the main
reason for high operating expenses in cable networks. By adding intelligence to
the network both on the device and management system levels, maintenance and
management can be automated. This translates to savings that are nothing short
of remarkable. According to our research, moving to intelligent network
architecture can reduce operating costs by 50 percent. In a medium sized
network of 120 000 users, this translates to 10 million euro savings over 15
years,” said Hanno Narjus, SVP, Video and Broadband Solutions, Teleste.

With up to 50 percent reductions in operating costs,
payback times for moving to intelligent network architecture are typically less
than 3-5 years.

As per the Teleste Intelligent Networks concept, network
intelligence is built on the combination of configuring intelligent fiber optic
nodes and amplifiers, and a management system that allows operators to control
the whole network and remotely address problems.

Teleste Access -series nodes and amplifiers provide a
firm basis for realising the concept in conjunction with Teleste CATVisor
software dedicated for network management. By utilizing intelligent network
devices and management software, operators can reduce OPEX and service outages,
provide better service to end-users and eventually reduce churn.

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