Broadcom launches 40nm EZ-HD digital transport adapter solution

Telecom Lead India: Broadcom, a provider of semiconductor
solutions for wired and wireless communications, announced an easy-to-use 40nm
EZ-HD DTA cable system-on-a-chip (SoC) solution.


“Drawing on five generations of DTA innovation,
Broadcom’s latest chipset leads the way in integration and efficiency to
quickly and easily convert the remaining large base of analog subscribers to
digital broadcasting including basic HD programming channels. The migration to
HDTV not only will provide much higher quality TV programming and services, but
also reclaim precious bandwidth to make way for additional HD channels with
higher speed Internet services,” said Dan Marotta, EVP & general manager, Broadband
Communications, Broadcom.


The new solution has a legacy SCTE55 Out-of-band that
accelerates the adoption for use on current head-end systems by eliminating
lengthy and costly system upgrades.


The solution offers 2x system performance
with increased CPU, graphics, video and audio processing enables more
advanced DTA user interfaces.


Broadcom’s latest EZ-HD DTA SoC uses integration and
efficiency to help operators transition directly from analog to all-digital
basic HD cable TV services.


Broadcom’s FastRTV fast channel change technology
accelerates channel changes and addresses a key barrier for consumers and
operators moving to an all-digital TV service.


The solution provides universal HD (uDTA) security for
both Cisco and Motorola head-end networks, required by North American cable
operators. Also, it offers new C.A.L.M. act volume leveling support
through commercial advertisement level mitigation (CALM) that maintains
constant volume across commercial, program and channel changes.


Broadcom’s field-proven DTA reference software stack and
application accelerates design, qualifications and deployment.


Recently, Broadcom
launched the BCM43460, the world’s first 5G WiFi system-on-chip (SoC).
The BCM43460 is designed to address growing demand for Gigabit speeds in
enterprise, wireless cloud networks and carrier access.


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