Broadcom’s 100G/lane Optical PAM-4 DSP PHY achieves record breaking efficiency

Broadcom announced the demonstration of its 100G/lane optical PAM-4 DSP PHY with transimpedance amplifier (TIA) and high-swing laser driver, the BCM87412, optimized for 400G DR4/FR4 module applications.
Broadcom chipset
Built on Broadcom’s 112G PAM-4 DSP platform, DSP PHY provides the highest level of CMOS integration and superior performance with lower power consumption, enabling sub-7W 400G DR4/FR4 modules to drive the industry transition to energy-efficient 400G Ethernet.

This is a significant breakthrough in the module power reduction that delivers the lowest pJ/bit for DR4/FR4 modules available and drives the overall system power down to unprecedented levels for hyperscale data center and cloud providers.

Broadcom said it will be showcasing 400G DR4 modules from Eoptolink with the BCM87412 interoperating with several other modules in a Broadcom Tomahawk based system at the Optical Fiber Communication (OFC) 2022 exhibition.

“Broadcom continues to innovate and drive the next generation of PAM-4 DSP integration to satisfy the unrelenting quest for lower power with the introduction of the BCM87412 that will enable the industry leading 100G based modules,” said Vijay Janapaty, vice president and general manager of the Physical Layer Products Division at Broadcom.

Broadcom will showcase the BCM87412 within an Eoptolink DR4 optical module interoperating with multiple DR4 modules.

Broadcom will also showcase data center solutions, including third-party single-mode transceivers (2X400G FR4 & 800G DR8) and third-party multi-mode transceivers (400G SR4 & 800G SR8) that use Broadcom’s DSP solutions.

The following module vendors will be participating in a multi-vendor interop on the latest 100G/lane switch platform: Eoptolink, Molex, Source Photonics, Accelink, Applied Optoelectronics, and Hisense. The demonstration and new product showcase will be in the Broadcom Booth 5801 at OFC 2022 in San Diego, California from March 8th to 10th.