BT deploys NICE solutions to drive customer experience

NICE announced that BT has selected its Nexidia Analytics and Engage solutions to drive customer and employee experiences and increase operational efficiencies.
BT currently uses several solutions in the NICE portfolio, including RPA and WFO, and is standardizing on NICE for customer service across its consumer and enterprise lines of business. The NICE solutions are enabling BT to manage and reduce escalations, boost first call resolution (FCR) and improve their brand net promoter score (NPS).

“Our collaboration with Nexidia Analytics and NICE Engage provides us with comprehensive insights to understand customers’ needs, ensure compliance and deliver the kind of service that triggers ongoing customer loyalty,” Simon Evatt, director, Service Technology and Analytics, BT, said.

NICE Nexidia’s analytics and NICE Engage recording are cornerstones of the single contact center platform that powers its customer service operations. All contact center staff now use the same platform and applications, ensuring a single source of truth and consistent operations. The new analytics capabilities help them gain insights to better understand and serve their customers while automated and personalized agent coaching and training optimize customer service quality.

Contact center employees get the context and background data they need to serve customers easily and quickly. Extending coverage across additional lines of business, NICE Engage provides an omnichannel interaction recording platform with the highest security and resiliency standards.

John O’Hara, president, NICE EMEA, said: “NICE stands ready to support BT in transforming experiences and ensuring exceptional service quality, especially in today’s environment where customer service is more critical than ever.”