BT selects Oracle Converged Policy Management solution

BT Group has selected Oracle Communications Cloud Native Converged Policy Management to optimize its network resources and bring new 5G offerings to market faster.
Oracle at an IT event
The solution will enable BT, the largest mobile and broadband provider in the UK, to test and implement 5G services such as live streaming and zero-rated 5G content across its EE mobile network.

Oracle Communications Cloud Native Converged Policy Management assists BT’s network engineers to design, test and deploy new services across both 4G and 5G networks. Oracle’s policy design engine will enable BT to test and implement new 5G service plans and experiences.

In addition, Oracle’s policy management will also give BT engineers the flexibility to optimize network and subscriber resources to launch 5G-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) service offerings to consumer and enterprise customers.

BT will be leveraging Oracle’s built-in analytics function and support for edge-routing to make intelligent policy decisions using subscriber, class of service, quality of services (QoS) and network resource data in real-time to deliver the best, most reliable experience for customers.

Howard Watson, Chief Technology Officer of BT, said: “Oracle is helping us reduce complexity with solutions that ease the migration to 5G and provide the flexibility needed both to introduce innovative new services, and also ensure we’re offering our customers the right levels of service according to their needs.”

“Providing a reliable and unified customer experience during the 4G to 5G migration process is essential for ensuring long-term market uptake of 5G services,” said Caroline Chappell, Analysis Mason. “Oracle’s converged policy solution leverages the cloud native technologies needed to successfully deploy the next generation mobile network in the UK.”

Oracle said the Communications Consulting (OCC) will support BT engineers for the policy solution implementation and the migration of BT’s 4G voice and data services services to 5G; assisting BT with policy design, optimization and 5G software testing using Oracle’s Automated Testing Suite.