BurstPoint Networks announces new cloud-based service

BurstPoint Networks announced the
launch of its new cloud-based service that extends the content management and
distribution capabilities of the BurstPoint Video Communication Platform (VCP) beyond on-premise networks to cloud-based environments.

The BurstPoint VCP Virtual Delivery
Node includes a gateway appliance to the cloud service and leverages a Content
Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver on-demand video content to millions of end
users simultaneously, both outside the firewall and around the world.
BurstPoint is offering the CDN services through a new partnership with
Highwinds, a leader in content delivery, network and IP services.


In addition, BurstPoint also
announced both on- and off-premise mobile device support through the standard
BurstPoint VCP Delivery Node and the BurstPoint VCP Virtual Delivery Node,
giving organizations the ability to stream MP4 videos to mobile devices,
including smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and other tablets.


Through these offerings, BurstPoint
VCP customers can greatly and cost-effectively expand their capabilities to use
video for remote and mobile purposes, all through a single end-to-end platform
that offers unrivaled scale and flexibility.


“What differentiates
BurstPoint’s cloud-based solution from competitor offerings is the fact that
the BurstPoint VCP Virtual Delivery Node is not a standalone service. Rather,
it is an extension of our existing end-to-end BurstPoint VCP solution, which
allows customers to create, manage, distribute and consume video content –
whether on-premise or in the cloud. The launch of the BurstPoint VCP Virtual
Delivery Node further emphasizes our mission to provide customers with
unrivaled flexibility and scale for content management and distribution,”
said Tom Racca, president and CEO, BurstPoint Networks.


With the addition of the BurstPoint
VCP Virtual Delivery Node, the BurstPoint VCP truly gives customers one
end-to-end platform to manage all of their video assets – regardless of where
they want to manage content or how many end users they are trying to


Additionally, the BurstPoint VCP
enables customers to leverage their previous investments in video conferencing
(VC) systems and digital signage technology by providing the ability to push
on-demand video captured from VC systems to the BurstPoint VCP Virtual Delivery
Node for wide distribution.


“Our CDN was built to support
partners that deliver valuable IT services to enterprises and organizations
across a variety of industries. The combination of the BurstPoint VCP Virtual
Delivery Node and Highwinds’ CDN provides customers with a powerful way to
reach millions of end users anytime, anywhere. And because Highwinds’ CDN
runs over a reliable, high-performance network, customers can be confident that
all video communications will reach their intended audiences with high quality
and low latency,” said Steve Liddell, president, Content Delivery and
Network Services, Highwinds.


By Telecomlead.com Team

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