Bytemobile unveils adaptive traffic management system


Bytemobile announced the launch of its new product line
the T3000 Adaptive Traffic Management System.


Bytemobile’s T3000 Series represents a fundamental change
in traffic management architecture for mobile networks, enabling operators to
manage millions of mobile subscribers’ access to rich content and applications
through a single platform.


In conjunction with this announcement, Bytemobile
announced the general availability of the first T3000 Series product, the T3100
Adaptive Traffic Manager.


Disparate network elements make mobile data traffic
management an increasingly complex challenge for operators. Future mobile
networks without holistic control over video transcoding, delivery and policy
will become bogged down by video traffic which increasingly dominates bandwidth
consumption,” said Ryan Koontz, principal at Inflection Point Research.


The industry’s large equipment suppliers and integrators
are being pushed to deliver turnkey solutions that incorporate innovations from
smaller suppliers. I believe the market opportunity for Bytemobile’s new T3000
Series is significant and likely disruptive,” Koontz added.


The T3100 is the industry’s first fully integrated
in-line platform designed to automatically adapt and manage all mobile Internet
Protocol (IP) traffic based on real-time network conditions.


This enables operators to improve the quality of
experience (QoE) for their subscribers as they access video content from
YouTube, Netflix and other sites, download and use Android and iPhone applications,
and engage in Skype and Facebook video chats.


Combined, these sources account for more than 50 percent
of all data traffic on mobile networks today. With traffic expected to increase
25-35 times over the next five years, operators are facing capacity constraints
that require innovative, cost-effective solutions.


Bytemobile’s T3100 Adaptive Traffic Manager removes the
cost and complexity of deploying and managing multiple traffic control elements
in the network.


The solution effectively eliminates costly capital
expenditures and operating expenses associated with a combination of network
elements for caching, load balancing, deep packet inspection (DPI), web and
video optimization, policy control, and analytics.


This reduces the operators’ total cost of ownership (TCO)
for traffic management by up to 50 percent within months of deployment. Through
the use of adaptive traffic management and auto-tunable traffic control
features, the T3100 improves the utilization and performance of existing
network capacity by 30-50 percent.


We built the T3000 Series to solve a fundamental problem
in mobile networks. The increasingly bandwidth-hungry video, applications and
rich multimedia content traversing 3G and 4G radio access networks today have
become too complex for existing traffic management solutions,”said Chris
Koopmans, vice president of products at Bytemobile.


While today’s solutions are focused on three standard
levels of traffic management, the T3100 as the industry’s first Adaptive
Traffic Manager can detect and react to network conditions in the cell, radio
access network (RAN) and core in milliseconds.


With intelligence that spans seven dimensions of traffic
control and unparalleled control functions to inspect data traffic at all
layers of the network, the T3100 measures each subscribers QoE in real time,
enabling operators to dynamically adjust traffic flows to maximize the user


Global Traffic Management includes deep packet inspection
(DPI) at all layers of traffic (2-7), and load balancing and traffic steering
for both upstream and downstream traffic. Global traffic management allows
operators to set tiered quota and congestion management policies. This
capability also provides insight into particular applications that are -chatty’
or demanding of network resources, so that operators can better manage total
bandwidth consumption.


Smart Caching improves the overall subscriber experience
under network load by caching the most popular content in real time, closer to
the edge of the access network. Smart caching also supports a distributed
caching architecture that aligns with operators’ evolving content delivery
network (CDN) strategies.


Selective Optimization leverages Bytemobile’s
best-in-class optimization capabilities in order to provide a more intelligent
approach to traffic management applying targeted optimization if, when and
where needed or based on preset policies and parameters.


Recently, Bytemobile announcednew product enhancements to the company’s traffic reporting and analytics
solution. The expanded solution provides improved insights into mobile data
congestion, application traffic patterns and subscriber quality of experience
(QoE) on operators’ networks.


Bytemobile’s Smart Capacity Mobile Analytics
presents actionable network intelligence that enables operators to better
understand the impact of video content and mobile application usage on their
networks and measure the user experience. With this intelligence, operators can
offer new and differentiated services, and apply traffic management tools to
improve network efficiencies.


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