Bytemobile’s smart capacity mobile analytics helps operators manage data traffic


Bytemobile, a provider of video optimization and Smart
Capacity solutions for mobile network operators, announced new product
enhancements to the company’s traffic reporting and analytics solution. The
expanded solution provides improved insights into mobile data congestion, application
traffic patterns and subscriber quality of experience (QoE) on operators’


Bytemobile’s  Smart
Capacity Mobile Analytics presents actionable network intelligence that enables
operators to better understand the impact of video content and mobile
application usage on their networks and measure the user experience. With this
intelligence, operators can offer new and differentiated services, and apply
traffic management tools to improve network efficiencies.


Continued aggressive growth in mobile data – fueled by
video and application usage over faster networks and more powerful,
user-friendly devices in the hands of billions of people – has created a
formidable traffic management challenge for carriers,” said Ronny Haraldsvik,
vice president of Global Marketing at Bytemobile.


Coupled with Bytemobile’s market-leading video and web
optimization, our new Smart Capacity Mobile Analytics solution provides network
insights that are unavailable through traditional analytics technology,”
Haraldsvik added.


The application and data traffic control capabilities of
Bytemobile’s Smart Capacity platform provide operators with meaningful analytics data that accurately
reflects the QoE being delivered to their customers on their network. Customers
have validated the impact of our traffic reporting and analytics approach and
view it as a breakthrough in helping them manage network efficiency, reduce
churn and capitalize on new revenue opportunities.


Mobile network operators can experience first-hand the
benefits of Bytemobile’s Smart Capacity Mobile Analytics – as well as the 30-50
percent capacity improvement achievable with Unison Smart Capacity for Video –
at the IBM Innovation Center in La Gaude, France, in early July.


Smart Capacity Mobile Analytics, in conjunction with
Bytemobile’s analytics managed service, provides operators with the most
proven, in-depth and flexible reporting of mobile data traffic available in the
market today.


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