C Spire selects Siklu for 5G backhaul

C Spire has selected Siklu, a provider of mmWave wireless solutions, to use gigabit wireless technology to backhaul internet service to homes and businesses in Mississippi.
Siklu's mmWave wireless fiber solution
C Spire is using Siklu solutions to extend existing fiber optic assets for last mile connections in over 150 Mississippi towns and communities as part of a push to bring the next-generation services to more consumers and businesses at affordable prices.

Siklu’s point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios — operating in the 60-70-80 GHz uncongested mmWave bands — have the spectrum and capacity to deliver cost-effective, interference-free connections up to 10 Gbps.

C Spire is using its 8,400 route miles of fiber backbone to reach neighborhoods, cities and towns with high speed internet – with the support of Siklu-powered last-mile backhaul services.

“Our service is backhauled by Siklu’s solutions enabling us to deliver high speed internet access without the arbitrary data caps usually associated with LTE or satellite services,” said C Spire President Stephen Bye.

“We will work with C Spire to provide 5G fixed wireless connectivity, which enables them to offer affordable, high-speed internet access to more customers,” said Siklu CEO Eyal Assa.