Cablenet deploys Infovista’s Ativa assurance and operations solution

Cablenet has chosen Infovista’s Ativa automated assurance and operations solution to enhance customer experience across its fixed and mobile networks in Cyprus.
Cablenet Cyprus
Cablenet has deployed Ativa Experience, a module within Infovista’s cloud-native Ativa suite, for core network monitoring of its 2G/3G/4G, IMS, and fixed networks to ensure the continued focus on customer experience.

Ativa Experience equips Cablenet’s customer care and NOC/SOC teams with actionable insights into their subscribers’ end-to-end experience, enabling proactive monitoring, identification, prioritization, and resolution of customer-impacting issues.

Panayiotis Kouloumbrides, Cablenet Chief Core Networks Officer, highlighted the challenges associated with rapid growth, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a customer-centric approach. He expressed confidence in Infovista as a trusted partner that would not only support Cablenet’s growth but also enable the exploration of new opportunities such as 5G.

Cablenet, a leading telecom service provider in Cyprus, has been collaborating with Infovista throughout the network lifecycle, leveraging Infovista’s solutions for RF planning and optimization, mobile network testing, troubleshooting, benchmarking, and now customer experience intelligence through Ativa Experience. By utilizing Infovista’s comprehensive portfolio, Cablenet aims to deliver a world-class experience to its customers.

Renata da Silva, Infovista VP Product Automated Assurance, emphasized the need for real-time alerting and actionable insights to achieve exceptional customer experience. Infovista is committed to working closely with Cablenet, providing the necessary data and insights to support their objective of delivering superior customer satisfaction, benchmarking network performance, and preparing for future 5G deployments.

Infovista’s cloud-native portfolio encompasses network planning, testing, and automated assurance and operations solutions, enabling seamless collaboration between traditionally separate teams and systems across the network lifecycle. Powered by the NLA Cloud Platform, Infovista’s solutions offer unparalleled insights, streamlined operations, and reduced management overhead. With comprehensive support for 5G, Infovista is well-positioned to address Cablenet’s cloud-native requirements in terms of deployment and functionality.