Calix Unveils Groundbreaking Innovations at Annual Customer Success and Innovation Conference

Calix, a leading broadband platform company, showcased a range of pioneering solutions at its annual customer success and innovation conference.
Calix for broadbandAmong the key announcements were SmartMDU, enhancements to Calix SmartBiz, and initiatives supporting first responders through Calix SmartTown.

SmartMDU: Elevating Broadband Services for Multi-Dwelling Units

Calix introduced SmartMDU, a purpose-built solution for broadband service providers (BSPs) targeting multi-dwelling units (MDUs). SmartMDU expands the broadband service to MDUs, transcending traditional high-rise living to all multi-family apartment buildings. It’s set to be the sole market solution allowing BSPs to offer cost-effective managed Wi-Fi services, delivering a groundbreaking value proposition for property management customers and tenants. This innovation is scheduled to launch next year, promising a seamless connectivity experience for MDU residents.

Empowering Businesses with Enhanced SmartBiz

Calix announced significant enhancements to SmartBiz, empowering broadband service providers to cater to a broader spectrum of businesses. The evolved SmartBiz simplifies secure managed Wi-Fi and network management for small businesses, including retailers, restaurants, RV parks, and more — vital components of rural and suburban communities. The platform allows for off-network management capabilities, offering intuitive network management and guest Wi-Fi analytics, enhancing customer experiences and unlocking new revenue streams.

ManagedBiz: Streamlining Managed Business Services for Mid-Sized Enterprises

A new offering, ManagedBiz, was unveiled by Calix to streamline the provision of top-tier managed business services to mid-sized businesses, such as corporate offices and entertainment venues. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by mid-sized enterprises, including multiple locations, remote workforces, and complex cybersecurity requirements, ManagedBiz leverages the Calix platform and the BSPs’ trusted reputation to provide comprehensive managed services and support. Businesses will have access to the Calix Cloud management portal for deployment and monitoring.

Calix SmartTown: Supporting First Responders at No Incremental Cost

Calix announced its commitment to supporting first responders through Calix SmartTown, enabling customers to leverage their investment to aid critical first responder services in their regions without additional costs.

By leveraging SmartTown’s community-wide connectivity, broadband service providers are uniquely positioned to streamline the delivery of lifesaving services, reinforcing their role as trusted innovation partners to rural and suburban communities.

Calix continues to drive innovation and technological advancements, further solidifying its position as a leader in broadband solutions and empowering communities and businesses.