CeBIT 2014: ZTE launches LTE broadband multimedia trunking solution

At the CeBIT 2014, ZTE announced the introduction of LTE broadband multimedia trunking solution with radio transmission capability of up to 100Mbps in downlink and 50Mbps in uplink — based on TD-LTE technology — for global telecom markets.

ZTE’s LTE broadband multimedia trunking solution can be used by organizations including transport, public safety and energy.

The Chinese telecom network vendor has deployed LTE broadband multimedia trunking solution on trial and commercial pilots basis in industries including public safety departments, airports, harbours and enterprises.

Currently, narrowband digital trunking systems provide voice and limited data, and cannot address the demand of data-heavy activities such as the downloading of videos and photographs. ZTE said radio transmission capability of up to 100Mbps in downlink and 50Mbps in uplink, alongside multi-party response and quick access, will solve issues.

ZTE’s system provides voice calls, short messenger services and voice intercom functions; as well as supporting various high-bandwidth services including multimedia dispatch, wireless HD video transmission, multimedia video conferencing, mobile office, vehicle and personnel positioning.

ZTE has also provided over-the-air encryption, virtual private networking (VPN), bi-directional access authentication, end-to-end encryption and other measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of communication services, meeting the varied requirements of customers.

The company said it has established TD-LTE–based wireless broadband multimedia communication networks in major Chinese cities, including Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Zhengzhou.

ZTE launched its wireless broadband multimedia communication solution for urban rail transit, which supports passenger and train information, the broadcast of news and traffic information, the dispatch of trains and maintenance personnel, video monitoring, unified communication, real-time information acquisition and fast delivery.

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