CFE Telecom Mexico selects Xtera Communications to transform fiber network for enterprises

Telecom Lead America: CFE Telecom Mexico has selected
Xtera Communications, a provider of optical and IP networking solutions, and
Intercable, a system integrator, to transform its 22,000 km Optical Ground Wire
(OPGW) based optical network into a national network for enterprises.

CFE deployed Xtera’s Nu-Wave Optima platform using
advanced 100G + Raman technology to implement a flexible multi-terabit optical
network that was deployed in 2011 and is currently in commercial operation.

CFE Telecom’s OPGW fiber infrastructure is built along
power lines with challenging routes in excess of 2,000 km.

Xtera’s Nu-Wave Optima offers multiple key benefits to
CFE Telecom including long-span capabilities to avoid the building of numerous
intermediate sites throughout the network and ultra-long-haul reach to
implement the network without any regeneration sites.

Furthermore, these CapEx and OpEx benefits come with a
design capacity exceeding the original long-term requirements, leading to
capacity overhead to meet future demand at a predictable cost.

Being the first 100G equipment in the field with
soft-decision Forward Error Correction (FEC), Xtera’s Nu-Wave Optima 100G
optical transport multi-purpose system currently delivers a line capacity of 15
Tb/s on reach exceeding 3,000 km.

The Nu-Wave Optima platform offers 100G WDM transmission
performance in real network conditions based on the combination of the
industry’s most advanced 100G technology and unique line equipment with
multiple versions of optical amplification to address different span

“From the very beginning, Xtera and our partner in
Mexico, Intercable, were fully committed to work with CFE Telecom to implement
its forward-looking vision for Latin America’s largest and most advanced all
100G network,” said Jon Hopper, president and CEO of Xtera Communications.

“CFE’s strict evaluation process was necessary to
identify the best company with the best technology to help transform its
internal network into one that would be capable of benefitting the entire
nation of Mexico, supporting a multitude of emerging bandwidth-intensive
applications,” said Eduardo Cerrillo, CEO of Intercable.

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